January 19, 2014

UDK text input using the native iOS keyboard

It's easy to use the native iOS keyboard to get the text input from player in UDK despite it's undocumented function. I've prepared an extended example below.

The result you can see in Doominator:

I love hidden possibilites in UE3! :)

January 11, 2014

How to get the receipt info of In-App purchase in UDK

It's very simple to get the receipt info (encoded in base64 form) in UDK. However, its not obvious thing if you're trying to find it out from the unreal script code, and there is no word about it on UDN.

This value is hidden in PlatformInterfaceData struct as StringValue2 variable. So, you can simply get it in PurchaseComplete delegate:

So, that's the value you should use to check the purchase validation via AppStore servers.