October 29, 2013

HLSL noise effect for UDK

Sometimes we need to have the noise effect inside our shaders. Unfortunately it can be not a trivial task in some cases.

For my FFT-based ocean shader I used the solution that I've found on Stack Overflow (thanks, Michael!).

I'll dublicate it here to save the solution:

To understand how this works if we break the formula down into its constituent parts it becomes easier to visualize what is going on:

Paste the above into: https://www.shadertoy.com/new

It can be simply used for materials in UDK. You just need to create a custom HLSL node:

Noise effect as simple post-effect

It's a fast example how this trick can be used. But it will be better to use it in the material of particular mesh rather than post effect! Use UVs as p param and it'll be cool.

Captured screens with different noise scale:


October 26, 2013

Marine adventures on abandoned space base

Just few screenshots of our new deathmatch map for Doominator. All pics are "as is" screens from my iPad 4.

Being in a WIP state, map is deserted and empty, so marine walks around unarmed :) No monsters here. For a while.

By the way, most of textures are created by GameTextures team (thanks, guys!).

October 7, 2013

Doomstalker UI source released

Keywords: sci-fi, cool, interface, HUD, source, PSD, free, download :)

We've decided to release the source of the UI we've used in Doomstalker some time ago (summer 2012). The game concept was changed a lot, so we don't use this screens anymore. But now you can use it as you want!

You can get it here: download

There are no restrictions. It's free for both commercial and uncommercial use. You can modify any screens as you want.

Screens layout by me, graphic design by admirable Irina Narykova.