September 28, 2013

UDK build system for Sublime 2

I'm using Sublime 2 to work on my projects. It's very cool editor which saves my eyes and time a lot.

It can be easily used for building Unreal Engine 3 projects (and UDK projects too).

You have two basic variants:
  1. Use great UnrealScript IDE Plug-in for Sublime Text 2
  2. Create your own simple build system
I strongly recommend new Sublime users to choose the first variant. It has nice syntax highlight for unreal code and good editor integration.

Personally I prefer the second variant, because I like C++ syntax highlighter colors to be used with my code, and I really dislike that Zinggi's plugin changes some key binds and sequences I'm using.

So, if you want to use just a build system for your UDK game, you should:

1. Go to Tools -> Build system -> New build system
2. Add following config:

3. Save it to the ".\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages\User" folder (should be opened by Sublime by default).
4. Select new build system in Tools -> Build system menu.

Now you'll be able to use Ctrl+B and etc key binds for script building.

Please note that I'm using "shell" : true config to launch UDK as separate process in new window. Unfortunately I can't receive UDK's output into Sublime's console after its update.

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