September 22, 2013

Publishing UDK game with iCloud in AppStore

If you'll try to upload you UDK-based game with enabled iCloud for review into iTunes you'll met few errors, and official Epic's documentation will tell you nothing.

You just need to add entitlements config to your build. It's very simple, see below.
  1. Download UDKGame.entitlements
  2. Save it to the \UDKGame\Build\IPhone\ folder
  3. Fill it with your own values:
    1. UNIQUESEED is the app seed of your application on Provisioning portal (10 letters)
    2. com.MYCOMPANY.MYGAME is your app's BundleIndentifier. It should be the same you're using in Info.plist and on provisioning portal ("com" can be changed to your own domain, f.e. i'm using "ru")
  4. Rebuild the .ipa
Pay attention to block. Its value contains "save" postfix!

If template link is broken you can use this:

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