April 19, 2013

Deep, let me go

I'm working in my dreams too now. Ocean owns me :) I woke up broken, but it's interesting to feel youself a virtual diver.

Anyway, the second milestone is here. We have a deepness now.

No special things required to make a material with transparency, but my ocean is not usual UE3 transluent material shader. Transluent materials and dynamic lighting system are not a friends. For example, sun reflection isn't blocked by dynamic actors, the ship hasn't a shadow, and there are no light'n'shadow effects from explosions, especially at night levels.

I'm a trickster, and my ocean is opaque material. It has self-shadowing, dynamic shadows, light effect, etc., and it's really cool for my game.

Of course, my trick has it's limitations. But they are irrelevant for gameplay I have.

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