April 4, 2013

Dead tanks souls

Our warships are chops. That means they are dead tanks souls.

Game physics is one big fake cause of realtime demands - the ships are not swimming, they are flying. We're using statistical ocean model (functional model was used before), and vehicles react on pre-calculated math waves to be on the right height and toss. In this way, the engine knows the ships as choppers "with pompons". If you've played UT3 before you should know that Cicada is sister of any ship from SeaCraft :)

Last week we've worked on explosions. It's very important for SeaCraft to create model when each fire burst shows something about ship state. Blowing should be bright, precise, clear. Not realisic, but playable.

The result is that we're using standard for many games explosion model, you can see in on screen above. Just for today. It will be changed and improved a lot in future - we want to gather reviews for our burning model on alpha-tests first. The system have to be balanced - the main target is to make it really clear and helpful for player.

A couple of words about the plot. Just an intro:
  • Ruby had no reasons to shoot Oswald;
  • Green Zone was around Saigon, in 1964;
  • Hanoi said "Hello, stalker!" in summer 1969.

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