February 23, 2013

Monsters AI

Few days ago I've programmed basic brains for monsters. They are not too smart, but I needn't it - even now three or four monsters can kill you easy because of gameplay style :)

I want to achieve AI behaviour like in classic Doom first.  It's too early to describe AI in details, so it's just a "progress video post".

* thinking about voice comments for future videos

February 17, 2013

Controls and camera

Creating pseudo-isometric action for devices with small screen - is not a simple thing. Player should feel himself comfortable while playing and it basically means two things:
  • Player pawn should be big enougth
  • Maximum visibility of environment
Using archetype for camera config makes this task easier, but it's still not comfortable for me as developer to look for ideal view. So, I've put config zones right on main screen:

Left zone - distance, center - rotation, right zone - FOV.

It helped me a lot to find current "the best" config for camera (I understand that it'll be changed during work). But I don't know yet will it be turned on for players in release. Of course, it can be cool for some players, but it's better to make right level-design than exuse its faults with camera. Anyway, I've added camera config into save system.

The second big thing you can see on video is controls system. Left stick moves pawn and works classic, but right stick does two things:
  • Fires when activated;
  • Rotates pawn when hat moved far enougth from initial center.
Rotation by fire stick has higher priority than rotation by move stick. This approach allows to have weapons like rocketlauncher or sniper rifle with limited ammo - you can aim with left stick (it has dead zone just to rotate pawn without move) and precisely fire with right one as button.