January 9, 2013

The Beginning

Hi there!

Let me desctibe why I'm here and what is the Doomstalker.

The DS is a pseudo-isometric Sci-Fi shooter, primary for iOS devices, based on UDK tech. Mysterious asteroid base "Object 001", brave space marine, horrendous and tricky monsters, powerful guns.. All is here.

Today it looks like:

Lots of issues here, but it's just few human hours for programming. The UDK is great engine (and Epics are great guys) and I'll fix bugs and finish the game asap. I'll show you how to use the Force and what is extreme game development.

So, this blog is about how me - the Hagodemon - will make it live. The WIPs, tricks, jokes and other fun things will be here.

Special thanks to guys who helped me with art: Ironbelly StudiosDmitry ParkinIrina NarykovaNikolay Pogodaev, Oleg Karpov, Sergey Jung, Roman Ryabtsev, Vladimir Medovnikov. I spent some money to order few things from them.

But I work alone. The game is completely Indie :)

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